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Commercial models

Residential model


We install the Napoleon/Lynx reliability

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Addition of windows in existing doors

Installation service for general contractor

Services available for subcontractors

Installation of electric door-openers

Replacement of damaged sections

Replacement of hardware for residential and commercial doors


Nylon rollers, Side locks

Reinforcements for horizontal doors

Heavy-duty steel rails

Assembly of angle supports

Barricades emergency service


Our intervention is carried out on different levels:

GARAGE DOOR M.G. has put in place a team of specialists to respond to your every need.

Our team makes all repairs either on site or in our shop.

All work is done completely and accurately to your complete satisfaction. Our professionalism and competence assure our clientele a high-quality repair service.


  • Garage doors
  • Garage doors with integrated pedestrian door
  • Front doors
  • Complete hardware kit
  • Residential electric garage door openers
  • Industrial electric garage door openers
  • Doors for service stations and terraces
  • Rolling doors
  • Doors for storage sheds


We install the LiftMaster reliability

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It is important to check the tension of the springs. Disregard the electric door opener,if you have one, and try to open the door manually.

Is it difficult to raise or lower garage door?
A well-balanced garage door should not weigh more than 10 to 20lbs. An extended spring,a bent rail,or a sprung cable can be the cause of a malfunction.

If you have difficulty moving the door,contact us immediately.

Do not attempt to adjust the springs yourself.
The system is under strong tension and could be dangerous.The risk of changing the springs yourself could result in great injury or even death.

Consider your garage door as an important part of your building and make a detailed inspection each year. Ask us to check your garage door at least once a year.We will carry out a 10-step inspection,lubricate the system and make all necessary repairs.